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T LOunge for January 2nd, 2023

Posted on January 02, 2024


PinCura Bar and Restaurant – Lisbon, Portugal

Well, they did it, kittens. They went and added another year to the calendar, so it looks like we’re in this for the long haul. We make no reservations or promises about the next year, except to continue trying to do our best in all things. All other reservations are window dressing and wishes. It’s not likely to be a week heavy with red carpet and celebrity style content, although with the Golden Globes only six days away and the Emmys a week after that, we don’t think we’ll have to wait long for the stars to step out. In the mean time, feel free to amuse yourself with our menu of distractions below. Chat amongst yourselves! What are your plans for 2024, other than surviving it, that is?

The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time
What makes a great television show?
There may be as many types of excellence as there are excellent shows. Series can wow us with how broadly they changed society, from “Seinfeld” redefining American slang to “Mad Men” bearing all the hallmarks of an early-21st-century TV Golden Age to “The Oprah Winfrey Show” making daytime viewers feel part of a special club of millions. Or they can feel like closely held secrets, always ready to welcome curious viewers for the first time, like “The Leftovers” or “Enlightened.” They can bring together insights about a rapidly shifting society with humor that stands the test of time, like the shows created by Norman Lear, who died this month at age 101. And they can dazzle us with spectacle or entrance us with intimate character moments — or, if they’re “The Sopranos,” they can do both.

Emily Blunt Doesn’t Care if Her ‘Oppenheimer’ Character Is Likable
As the brilliant but flawed Kitty Oppenheimer, the actress plays a woman who had “extraordinary qualities, as well as ones that really let her down as a person.”

It is all to say that Blunt, the London-born actress known for films such as “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Mary Poppins Returns” and “A Quiet Place,” might have disappeared into the three-hour epic, which was based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning biography “American Prometheus.” But Blunt’s is among the most memorable performances in a film packed with movie stars and acclaimed character actors. The winner of a Screen Actors Guild Award for “A Quiet Place” in 2019, Blunt is now a likely candidate for her first Academy Award nomination.

As Queen Margrethe Of Denmark Announces Her Surprise Abdication, A Look Back At Her Eccentric Royal Style
In a surprise announcement on December 31, 2023, Queen Margrethe of Denmark revealed her surprise abdication after 52 years on the throne. In her traditional televised New Year’s address to the nation, the Danish royal announced that she would be passing on the title to her son, Crown Prince Frederik, noting that a surgery earlier this year had played a part in her decision and that she would be stepping back from her role in a matter of weeks, despite her high approval ratings within Denmark. Much of Queen Margrethe’s popularity can be attributed to her creative streak, which was expressed not only through her work as a self-taught artist, but also her love for fashion that went beyond the strictures of European royal protocol. Here, Vogue reflects on Queen Margrethe’s vibrant, playful eye for clothes – and why, for the Danish, her reign will never go out of style.

The Priscilla costume designer talks us through her favourite looks from Sofia Coppola’s stylish new film
Costume stylist Stacey Battat chats to Natalie Hughes about working with Coppola and falling in love with clothes

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Stacey Battat has something of a dream job. The LA-based costume designer is the fashion force behind some of the most stylish films you’ve seen, including Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, The Beguiled and now Priscilla – an adaptation of Priscilla Presley’s memoir, detailing the unseen story of her courtship with and turbulent marriage to Elvis, starring Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi.
For Priscilla, Battat (who has worked with Coppola since 2010’s Somewhere) designed costumes that span three decades, including demure ‘50s petticoat dresses and candy-coloured ‘60s shifts bedecked with bows. Battat and her team recreated many of Priscilla’s documented outfits from scratch, with a generous helping of vintage.

How to set your priorities for 2024 – and why it matters
Mindset and life coach Lily Silverton explains the benefits of her approach to goal-setting for the year ahead, The Priorities Method

“We have a lot of competing demands and choices, and we also have other people’s demands and choices – from bosses to our family,” says Silverton, who is herself a parent of two. “Sometimes it can be really easy to get to December and wonder, what did I actually do for myself? Asking those questions, keeping track of your priorities and coming back to them, makes us a little bit more present. It’s a way of forcing accountability with ourselves.”

Six things to watch in January
Your small-screen highlights for the month ahead

Welcome one and all to a brand-new year of small-screen merriment. The month most associated with fresh starts, an attempt at clean living and wintery hibernation (in between those nascent and short-lived gym excursions) can also be a fantastic time to get stuck into some great new television shows. Thankfully, 2024 is off to a strong start.

Bangs Will Be Big In 2024: Here Are 5 Of The Best Fringes
The start of a new year is the perfect time to try out a new hairstyle, and probably the easiest way to switch up your look is to opt for bangs. There is a fringe for every face, regardless of shape or hair type – discover five versions you’ll see everywhere in 2024.
Curtain bangs
Curtain bangs are a good option, not just because they are relatively long and so grow out quickly, but also because they flatter every face, regardless of shape. Different parts of the face can be accentuated, depending on where the ends fall. Those that extend to the corners of your mouth, as seen on actor Priyanka Chopra, will draw focus to the lips. Cheekbones are emphasised when the bangs reach the tip of the nose (see Emily Ratajkowski). And those that sit above the eyes – like Dakota Johnson’s bangs – make them stand out.

What is your career resolution for 2024?
We asked visionary women at the top of their game what goals they will be setting for the year ahead

Whether looking for a complete fresh start, change of direction or simple improvements to your day-to-day, career goals can be tricky to define and decide on. So, we decided to catch up with some of the leading professional women we know, to find out what resolutions they will be making. Take inspiration from incredible women at the top of their fields who shared with Bazaar what career goals they will be setting for 2024…

The Evolving Royal Style Of Denmark’s Soon-To-Be Queen Mary
Frequently compared with Britain’s own Princess of Wales (like Kate, Mary is from a solidly middle-class background, has a considered approach to royal style and is widely regarded as a major asset to the crown), Denmark’s future Queen Consort likes to champion local designers (she wore Uffe Frank on her wedding day), and after almost 20 years in the royal spotlight, is an adept diplomatic dresser and increasingly conscientious – the velvet Birgit Hallstein gown she wore to usher in 2024 in Copenhagen is the same one she’s worn for three previous New Year receptions. As she prepares to become Queen Consort, revisit Princess Mary of Denmark’s royal style.

15 Romantic Weekend Getaways From New York City to Visit This Winter
When winds are whipping and grey clouds are threatening, heading indoors—and staying there—leads to another annual occurrence: peak cuffing season. The opportunity to court and be courted (apparently) spikes in the winter, and with hot toddies, cozy sweaters, and gorgeous candles aflame, we understand why. Yet, despite the need to burrow, New Yorkers tend to get a little stir-crazy when holed up in our apartment for longer than a day. Enter: romantic weekend getaways from NYC.

10 Young Adult Books We (Still) Can’t Put Down
Many of us discovered our love for reading through young adult books. They were truth-tellers, examining themes like friendship, loss, puberty, mental health, and sex in ways that gently let us know we weren’t alone in our thoughts or experiences. Now, to revisit those books is to return to a time when life seemed both simpler and way more complicated.
Here, a curated list of the 10 best young adult books across genres—whether you’d like to recommend one to the young readers in your life, or tap into a little childhood nostalgia of your own.

The Most Iconic Fashion Films of All Time
Few creative mediums go together quite like fashion and film. Whether it’s a director’s knack for capturing the dramatic movement of a gown on screen or the contributions to the movie world made by fashion designers over the decades, this symbiotic relationship has created some of the most memorable onscreen moments of all time.
So whether to satisfy your curiosity about an industry so often wrapped up in mystery, to provide the backstory to some of the most important moments in fashion history, or simply to indulge in a little sartorial escapism, here, find all the most iconic films about fashion you can watch now.

33 Books to Read Before You’re 30, According to Vogue
I know what you’re thinking: Books to read before you’re 30? What does it matter when in your life you read a book? Possibly a lot. In Unfinished Business, Vivian Gornick describes the process of revisiting beloved texts as something akin to “lying on the analyst’s couch.” A story she thought she understood “is suddenly being called into alarming question.” And yet whatever misunderstandings a youthful reading might cement, imbibing a certain book at a certain time in your life can have an undeniable impact.

Netflix’s New Releases Coming in January 2024
Take a look at the movies and TV shows that are hitting the streaming service this month.

A nearly unrecognizable Sofia Vergara playing a cartel boss, a new retelling of the story of the Uruguayan rugby team that crash-landed in the Andes in 1972, Kevin Hart assembling a team for a daring heist and Dan Levy dealing with loss and grief are among the standout projects hitting Netflix this January. […] On Jan. 5, Netflix debuts Good Grief, a dramedy written and directed by and starring Levy. The Schitt’s Creek co-creator plays a London-based artist who spends a year mourning his husband before making a startling discovery about their relationship on a trip to Paris with his best friends, played by Ruth Negga and Himesh Patel. The film is the first project from the overall deal between Netflix and Levy’s production company, Not a Real Production Company.

A New Law Requires All Cosmetology Students in New York State Learn to Style Textured Hair
In the past, students would have to seek additional courses for specialized training.

Things have slowly started to improve, however. For example, the CROWN Act — which makes race-based hair discrimination illegal — was first signed into law in California in July 2019. Since then, 23 states, including New York, have joined the movement. Now, New York State is continuing the momentum with a new law that requires all cosmetology schools in the region to make natural hair education a part of the general curriculum.

There’s more than one way to feel lonely
Here’s how to interpret your own feelings.

Over the last decade, loneliness has reached so-called epidemic levels, with public health officials and researchers alike quantifying the mental and physical health impacts of living in social isolation. Still, there is no one way to experience loneliness. It’s the isolating dread of not having found your place in the world. It’s the heaving weight of grief after losing a person, a place, a community. It’s the pang of anxiety when you remember how long it’s been since you saw your best friend. It’s a sense of foreignness despite being surrounded by familiar faces. For Singla, loneliness is a palpable burden (“My loneliness physically feels heavy,” he says) as well as an emotionally destabilizing one. “It feels unsteady. I almost feel like I just lose myself.”

The People Who Brought You Travis Kelce
A plan was hatched to make the football player “as famous as The Rock.” It began long before you might guess.

In the only recent year in which Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs weren’t playing in the Super Bowl, the N.F.L. star was driving around Los Angeles in early February with his business managers, André and Aaron Eanes, marveling at billboards featuring Dwayne Johnson, the actor and entertainer better known as the Rock.
“Man, I don’t think I’ll ever be as famous as the Rock,” Mr. Kelce said.
His co-managers looked at each other. “We’re like, Yes, you can,” André Eanes said.

America Ferrera and the ‘Barbie’ Monologue We All Talked About
The key moment in the smash hit went through many revisions: “We ended in tears. It ended in laughter, it got big, it got small.”

Listing some of the many perils of womanhood in a still patriarchal society, the monologue that the actress America Ferrera delivers in “Barbie” with the intensity of a rallying cry, became one of the most talked-about movie moments of 2023.
“I’ve never been a part of something so eagerly anticipated,” Ferrera said during an interview at a Beverly Hills hotel restaurant. Originally from Los Angeles but based in New York, she was back in her hometown for an awards-season screening of the smash hit.

The 150 Greatest Science Fiction Movies of All Time
From space odysseys to star wars, alien invaders to guardians of the galaxy — the best sci-fi films from the beginning of the movies until now

SOMEWHERE, IN A galaxy far, far away, Georges Méliès never sends a bunch of folks on a trip to the moon. The adventures of space explorers and time travelers, androids and alien races don’t thrill a generation of kids chomping popcorn at Saturday matinees. The name Luke Skywalker means nothing to anyone; neither does Marty McFly, “Mad” Max Rockatansky, or Godzilla. Giant prehistoric monsters aren’t awakened from centuries-long slumbers and don’t wreck a single metropolis. E.T. never makes it to Earth, so he never has to go home. Thomas “Neo” Anderson is just another computer programmer. HAL 9000 is just a calculator.

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