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Minecraft celebrates 15th anniversary with a slew of free cosmetics

Minecraft is a game that will seemingly be popular until the end of days, with new players still discovering it for the first time even though it is reaching a whopping 15 years old. To celebrate the game hitting this milestone, Mojang has decided to shower you with gifts aplenty – if you decide to continually log in that is.

These gifts will be in the form of Character Creator items and are available to absolutely everyone who owns a copy of the game, no matter which edition of the core experience it is. There are 15 presents in total across 15 days but to grab them all, you must log in on each of the days, otherwise you’re going to be left wanting.

The first of these cosmetics is available May 15 so you haven’t got long from time of writing to snag it.

As for what these items will look like, it’s all a mystery and you will have to head over to the official Minecraft Instagram page to get a sneak peak via their posts each day. What we do know though is that each “item [is] representing a different year of Minecraft history,” which could allude to certain memorable moments during the game’s life.

That’s not all either. Mojang has also revealed that there will be further surprises, discounts on Minecraft products, and special deals to really get the celebrations going. So, keep an eye out on Mojang socials for more on these.

15 days of Minecraft means 15 new items! From May 15th – May 29th get a new free Character Creator item representing a different year of Minecraft history.

Want to know what the items are? Log in every day to collect the full set and check out our Instagram stories where each…

— Minecraft (@Minecraft) May 14, 2024

With Minecraft still continually getting updates, and the highly anticipated 1.21 version just around the corner, even though the game is seemingly ancient in the fast paced world of today, there’s still more blocky discoveries and adventures to be had. You can even do it in some fancy new attire if you manage to claim the above rewards!

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