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6-legged dog ‘Ariel’ triumphs after life-changing surgery

In September, the 11-week-old spaniel was found outside the store in Pembrokeshire, Wales, in the UK. Her story garnered global attention— even reaching Australia and New York— and raised approximately $19,000 for her life-changing operation.

She was named after Disney’s “Little Mermaid” character because her unique fused extra back legs resembled a mermaid’s tail.

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The surgical feat was performed by surgeon Aaron Lutchman, who not only removed the extra limbs but also saved all four of her working limbs, placating initial fears that she would need an amputation.

She was operated on at Langford Vets Small Animal Referral Hospital.

“She’s doing really well, she’s bounced back, and she’s a happy little dog. We’re hoping she’s going to go on to lead a fabulous little life,” said Lutchman.

Mikey Lawlor, founder and manager of Greenacres Rescue near Haverfordwest, where Ariel found refuge, said a CT scan revealed she only has one kidney. Her pelvis had not formed properly due to having two hip joints on one side. 

Despite her medical obstacles, Ariel held on and is now doing well.

“ARIEL IS HOME,” Greenacres Rescue posted on Facebook. She was reportedly discharged following the successful procedures and has reunited with her foster family.

The rescue service said she will take 10-14 days to recover at home.

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