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Katie Price warns about ‘damaging’ plastic surgery

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Katie Price pictured in December 2023

By Annabel Rackham

Culture reporter

Katie Price says there is “nothing worse” than women in their early 20s getting cosmetic procedures and wants to educate them about the risks.

The model and TV personality is known for going under the knife herself, but insisted she’s “not a hypocrite”.

“I didn’t start doing my face until I was in my 40s. I had a boob job, but I didn’t even have fillers,” she said, warning it is “damaging to your body”.

“I didn’t do it all in my 20s. I think everyone looks like aliens these days.”

Speaking to the podcast How To Fail With Elizabeth Day, Price, 45, said: “I didn’t have Botox till I was like 27/28. Lips I tried when they didn’t know [how to do it] and I looked like a duck, but then I just relaxed on it.

Image source, Getty Images

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Price signed her first modelling contract in 1996, using the name Jordan

“All the girls look the same now, and I think, what are they going to look like then when they’re my age?”

Price, who has five children, said the recovery process from her surgeries had “put them off for life”.

“People don’t realise when you have surgery and stuff, you only see before and after, you don’t see in between – when you’ve had it, the pain and the cleaning, the stitches out and the bed rests.

“So I would love to educate people about it. It’s damaging to your body. I’ve had so many anaesthetics. I know I still choose to do it, but I’m older now.”

She said choosing her next plastic surgery was “like going shopping, for me, which is so bad”.

“But I could go further than I have done. Sometimes I do look in the mirror and go, ‘Ooh, are people looking because you look plastic, or are they looking because you look good?’

“There’s nothing worse than when these young girls now, in their early 20s, who are all getting fillers, all getting lips, all getting the boobs [done].”

Image source, Getty Images

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Katie Price with her son Harvey at the National Diversity Awards

Price has been sharing more of her personal life in recent years, including life behind the scenes with her disabled son, Harvey.

She has made a series of documentaries for the BBC about his life with autism and rare genetic disease Prader-Willi syndrome.

In July 2023, Price also said she had been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and said she thinks that explains some of her poor choices.

She told the podcast: “I’ve now been diagnosed, not that I believe in labels, but it makes sense that I’ve got severe ADHD. And it would make sense now, because I’ve made the wrong choices, done the wrong things, when really I’m just innocent [and] gullible.

“Yet, there’s that side of me where I just can’t help to say something or do something and we’ve worked out in my brain it’s got to be my ADHD.”

Price, who now generates some of her income from producing content on subscription website OnlyFans, has continued to attract tabloid interest for her romantic relationships and financial problems in recent years.

She was declared bankrupt for a second time earlier this month and said that wouldn’t have happened “if men had not been in my life”.

Price has been married three times, to singer Peter Andre from 2005 to 2009, a relationship she says was “real”, but described her subsequent marriages to Alex Reid, from 2010 to 2012, and Kieran Hayler, from 2013 to 2021, as “just rebounds”.

She has also been in and out of court a number of times in recent years for driving offences.

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